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Today's authors are known as Akay Brothers for their readers.
Before you ask. Yes, this is a pen name and not an actual person’s name. They know it is not as cool as Lee Child, and in their words "Just look at the name, coolness dripping from every letter and yes it is also a pen name and not an actual name".
Actually after finishing the first draft, both of them wanted their respective names to come first on the book’s cover. Well, who doesn't? After a lot of argument they decided to focus that their name matters a lot less than Jason Cage (the character they created). Of course! So they decided on this "not-so-cool" name (in their words again) that combined letters from both of our names. And thus– Akay Brothers. Well, this was something I had figured out, but still for those who don't know, I had to give this info.

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