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I must say, the moment I finished off with the prologue, I was hooked, and knew that I had to finish off this book in a single sitting, for I knew something else too, that I couldn’t take my eyes off until I found the last word on the last page. And that’s exactly what I did. The story is narrated in third person and the language is close to being good. The story and narration is a gripping one, neither too much of background description, nor too much of dialogues. There is never a dull moment in the story, however, if there comes a point where things seem a bit too low, don’t worry, the authors introduce a small distraction every time the calmness threatens to take over. The character of Jason is the most focused on, of course he is the lead, and that makes the attention necessary. He comes across as a man stuck between life and death, he would love to die, but couldn’t, a man who is not scared to face the people from the mafia but is skeptical to the level of annoyance when he has to face his beloved’s tormentor. There is one aspect that I liked the most about this book, it is that when a new subplot is introduced, it is carried on until it reaches a definite point, unlike a lot of thrillers which keep on going to and fro between several subplots, adding to the confusion and making me lose focus most of the time. While different sub-plots run together (some happening centuries ago, some years ago and some present), they couldn't have been more detached to each other than it is shown, but I also know somehow that they are going to converge at a point, and that the way to it will be a roller coaster ride, and the impending doom that awaits at the center, am sure, will be worth the read. It is in itself a task to merge a single sub-plot with the main plot, when both are strong enough to have separate books written on them, I am curious to know how the authors are going to compliment all the plots that they have opened in this book - an Egyptian mythological secret, a present day terrorist group’s leader and a lone man fighting for the life of his loved one. I am eagerly waiting for the sequel, and definitely suggest this book to all the thriller fans out there. Go pick a copy and get on the edge.

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