Jason Cage - Book Review 4

Jason Cage has all the elements of a great read-intriguing characters, complicated situations and gripping plot. There are various interesting incidents that make you gasp. The story line does seem over-complicated at times as one struggles to find the connection between the some totally unrelated incidents but the crisp writing style generously compensates. Description of characters and happenings is vivid. One can feel the tension and anxiety as the story moves from one chapter to the next at an excellent pace.
The A and K of aKay Brothers certainly know what they want their first thriller to look like. In spite of being a maiden attempt, it is meticulously and intelligently written. There are no over-confident or unnecessary twists in the story. The ending seems slightly abrupt but I am sure it is done deliberately to take the readers to their next book. Watch out for them in the best-seller charts in the near future. Jason Cage is here to stay!!

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