Project Jason Cage

What is Project Jason Cage?
The aim of every story is to be shared and enjoyed together with a band of like-minded people. So when we started penning down our next Jason Cage Story, we thought why not share the chapters as and when we complete them. 
This being a standalone story in the Jason Cage Saga, we are starting with a clean slate.
And we are asking you to join us in this journey.

You may ask what is in it for you?
1. You will be an active partner of how the next story  in the Jason Cage's world should be written.
2. Read the chapters before anyone else and give us your valuable feedback if you think the story is not interesting enough. We will try to make it worth your time.
3. Be a part of an exclusive community which share your preferences and make some new friends.
4. Ask questions and get answers.

And this will help us in a couple of ways too;
1. We will get the instant feedback on the way the story is moving and how the plot is being developed.
2. We will be working on a timeline to upload the next chapters as soon as we can as you will be waiting for them.
We would like to thank you for your support and as a welcome gift, you will find a Level Seven Classified Background Assessment report of Jason Cage when you join us in this journey.

Here is the link to join.

Please feel free to drop us a line either way. We're genuinely interested and answer every email ourselves. 

Welcome aboard, and we hope we can get to know you a little more in the coming weeks.

Best wishes
Akay Brothers


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