What the f*** does aKay Brothers mean?

Who the f*** are aKay Brothers mean?

Hey there,

If you are here by chance or by design, doesn't matter to us. Welcome here from both of us. We are known as aKay Brothers and our passion is writing stories about our Character Jason Cage.

If you have a question now and it looks like this - aKay Brothers! What kind of a name is that?

Great Question! Slow Clap and then some fast ones.

So, let's try to get to the point that who we are and why this pen name - aKay Brothers?

And yes this is a pen name and not an actual person’s name. And yes we do not belong to any mafia organization or drug trade (for now, till we don't get enough customers to sustain that business). Join our mailing list if you think we should also expand in that and fast. We might not send you any guns or cocaine or hashish right now (Working on the supply chain part, mate) but you will definitely get the best writing that we can manage with the un-cool name that we have and a lot of insider information about Jason Cage (A character we have painstakingly created for you).

Okay, so coming back to the topic of why a pen name and why we don’t use a cool pen name like – Lee Child (I mean just look at the name, coolness dripping from every letter and yes it is a pen name and not an actual name). And then his Character Jack Reacher is way cooler because he can kick ass, I mean literally.  But we like Russo Brothers as well. I mean look at their movies - Captain America Series, Ant-Man and the upcoming Avenger's movie.

So, we thought of these kinds of cool names too but then that was another of the many things that we couldn’t come to one conclusion. I mean we were arguing, and fighting, and swearing like anything and arguing, and fighting and swearing (Not that mother and father obscenities since we share the same set of them so it would actually come back on us).

But what happened, being the older in the lot, I put my foot down and accepted what my brother was demanding. I mean, as an elder one you have to have some respect and I was already losing that in the fight so I chose the best route possible. 

aKay Brothers.

Not so cool but we will use it (for now).

But we did all those aggressive eye stares and punch exchange when the first draft of the first Jason Cage saga was completed and we were on the first editing draft of the book. So a lot of firsts.

Anyways. We will be talking a lot more about Jason Cage and his tryst with God’s design.

By the way, the book is ready now and launching this month or next or next to that (I mean whenever we agree on the launch date) - We are already looking for another fist fight there.

Our point is that there is no point but still if you stick with us you are going to get some great stuff to read and read (till we don't make movies or sing songs, we can only send you stories).
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Akay Brothers are the authors of the Jason Cage Series.
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